My Week

A lit bit on how my week went

All has been going good on the blog. I've been busy posting and reviewing the books I've read. I'm happy to be doing good so far but since it's only January I won't party yet. I've been trying to review at least three books a week. I have so many that need to be reviewed. 

I've had a great week reading. I read Remy by Ella James. I really enjoyed it. It's the start of a new series but follows previous series that happened before this one. I will get caught up on this series and then I'm going start at the beginning of series that came before. I also read Legacy of Temptation by Larissa Ione. This too is a new series and deals with the children of her prior series Demonica/Lords of Deliverance. I was a bit worried because I loved their parents and was a little worried, they wouldn't all be around then I remembered that some are angels, demons, and who knows what else. Let me say that this book is fantastic. I loved it. It had me up late because I had to finish it. I can't wait to review it. 

I've been catching up on a few shows that I waited until all the episodes where out. My Chicago shows are back, fire, med and police. So, I have something new to watch. Watched a few movies too, I watched a few really cute ones, The Curse of Bridge Hallow & We have a Ghost. A good family one. We Have a Ghost has so very sad moments. I also watched Transformers: Rise of the Beast. I am a Transformers girl. 

I've had a taste for two things. Turtle brownies and mac & cheese with fried chicken. Comfort food to beat away the chill. I'm so tired of the cold. I'm sure we all are. I need to look up some new recipes. I love trying new things. 

My Weekend
Not much going on for me. As I've mentioned it's cold here and after the holidays, we don't do much till it starts to get warm. Then I start planning all the plants I want to plant. I do enjoy that time of the year. 

How was your week and do you have plans for the weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a great week there. I really have had a fun time with Larissa Ione and looking forward to that new series, already have my preorder placed. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks. So far so good. Loved the newest Ione. So good. Have a good one.


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