My Week

A little bit on how my week went

I had a full week on the blog. I was able to get three more books reviewed and I can't tell you how happy I am about it. I am trying my best to post reviews. It feels good to keep up with it. 

Another great book week. I read Ghosted by Allyson Charles, and I loved it. Her books are so easy to read, and I enjoy them. This series is a good one. I also read another book by Elle James and enjoyed that one too. I reread The Secret by Julie Garwood. Loved it. Ran through that one. I do have an ARC I need to start soon that I'm looking forward too. Maybe this weekend.

I have been catching up on a few of the shows that I enjoy. I'm watching the Kid's Baking Championship. Sadly, some of the enjoyed was sucked out when I found out that Valerie Bertinelli won't be asked back. I also started and finished the season of The Spencer Sisters. I was a cute easy to watch show. 

Nothing great food wise this week. I've been a bit lazy this week. We had days where breakfast was dinner. I love those days. I picked up these Portuguese Tarts at Costco and I have to say that I loved them. They are so tasty. I might have to run back there soon. I really don't feel like cooking much lately but if I don't then I starve. 

My Weekend
Not doing too much this weekend. I see it being a lazy weekend. We usually relax in January, maybe even in February before we start doing projects around the house. I might have mentioned that I've been redecorating the whole house. It was times. I only have our guest bathroom to finish upstairs before I start the back hall down to the basement. I'm pretty excited to almost be done. I already know how it's going to look so all I have to is start it. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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