My Week

A bit about my week

I haven't gotten too much read. I'm still tired from Christmas. I did start and finish The Night Island by Jayne Ann Krentz. I need to start Finding Mr. Purrfect by Codi Gary next. Then who knows. I plan this year to get back to those series that I never got finished reading. I might reread a few books too. I have a couple books I'd like to read again. 

My Blog
Last you was a pretty good on the blog and I'm hoping for the same thing for this year. I really have to do a bit more reviewing. I get a bit lazy on the review part. I don't think I'll be changing anything this year. I like everything as it is. 

I've been watching the latest season of Shetland and Midsomer Murders. I also watched the Christmas specials of Death in Paradise, Vera, Beyond Paradise, and Sister Boniface Mysteries. I need to find a new show to watch until the rest of the shows come back. 

Nothing new this week. I was pretty lazy and made pot roast and pulled pork. Both of which gave me leftovers. I love those days the most. After all the baking and cooking I did for the holidays I'm really cooked out. I've been doing nothing but easy to make dishes. 

The Weekend
Nothing going on this weekend. It's a pretty lazy one for us. I do need to take down my Christmas decor and get the house back to normal. I hate doing it. Love the Christmas decor. It makes the house so warm and cheery. I'm giving myself a break for January then I need to get back to redecorating the house. I want to start on my guest bathroom next. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. Yeah reviews can be hard especially if you get behind on them. I read so voraciously that it can be so easy to get behind and then I just do short reviews. So my goal especially this year is do more in depth reviews.

    1. Me too. I find the reading part easy. Plus, I don't like to write too many reviews at one sitting, or I feel they start to sound the same.


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