Book Review: Protected by the Panther by Bella Drake

FBI agent Eve Sincero has spent months hunting the ruthless Viper gang, and now one’s landed in her lap…but he’s not under arrest, he’s in witness protection. The only thing worse than having to keep him safe is discovering that he’s her fated mate—a realization that makes Eve sick to her stomach.

Liam Marshall was relieved to walk away from his life of crime, but turning on his gang mates is proving even more dangerous than living with them. The only perk? The sexy FBI agent sent to guard him—except the very sight of him makes her ill. Stuck in a safehouse together, Liam is sure he can overcome her reservations, but a heart is not an easy thing to steal.

Eve is determined to get the job done and get out, but her inner panther has other ideas about the hot bad boy. But when a secret arises from Liam’s murky past, the decision may be taken out of her hand—forever.

Can the power of fated bonds bring the unlikely couple together, or will the past destroy their future?
I've been really loving this series. I idea of a shifter FBI series is such a good one. It also helps that I like the characters and love the writing. Up this time is Eve and Liam. 

Eve is the only female member of the team. She respected like one of the guys and is very good at her job. She's a by the book type of person but that will be an issue with this case. She badly wants to bring down the Viper gang and when she has to protect one of them, she's not thrilled by the idea. 

Then add in that he's, her mate. 

Poor Liam got into something that was not what he thought. He thought he was getting friendships and a family of sorts but instead he was dealing with people he didn't trust or like what they did. He makes it his job to stop them and puts his life on the line to do so. 

In the beginning Eve really doesn't trust or like Laim too much. She's cold and treats he badly. We get it through. It's not easy thinking that your mate is a horrible person. It takes a bit to deal with her feeling and to see Liam for who he truly is. 

In the end Liam finds the family he's always been looking for and the love of his life. I was really happy for him. It might have taken Eve a bit to see things with open eyes, but she did, and you can tell how happy these two are. 


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