My Week


A bit how my week went

I've been reading a lot this week. A few novellas which I do a lot of during the holidays. I also read an ARC by Juliana Stone called Cover Me Up and I can't wait to review that one for you. I'm trying really hard to go back and catch up on all those series that I got behind on that I really loved. Sadly, I started reading a bunch of ARC's and other stuff fell by the wayside. 

My Blog
Not much new happening other than my regular post. Next week I have some holiday posts out that are a bit a fun. I'm so shocked how close we are to the end of the year. When did that happen. I think next year I'm going to try and have more review posts. I hate writing them so close together because I worry that will sound too much the same. I will have to get over that. 

I was able to finally see season four of Interior Design Masters. I watched the first season on Netflix but couldn't find season 2-4 until season four popped up on Tastemade. Now to find the other two seasons. I have a few shows I want to start so I will get to them. I promised my daughter that I would start School Sprit, so she'd be able to talk about it. 

Nothing new are exciting this past week. I haven't really had a taste for anything. I get in ruts when it comes to cooking and get tired of doing it. I don't know about you but sometimes I need a break from cooking and just do takeout. It usually only lasts a week or so and since I cook most days it's not that big of a deal when I feel this way. 

The Weekend
It's going to be a somewhat busy. I have to figure out what apps I want to bring on Christmas and make a list of what I will need to make for them. I also need to make more cookie dough that I will freeze for family cookie day. I'm getting together with family on Friday to bake cookies. This year I've been making and freezing all my doughs ahead of time. We also have cookie drink. I'm making Snickerdoodles. 

So how was your week? Any plans for the weekend. 


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