My Week

A bit on how my week went

I started reading my Christmas stories and I have to say that the ones I read were very good. I tried a new author and liked. The book is called A Baby for Christmas by Joan Kilby. It ended up being book two and you guys know how I feel about reading out of order but since the prior characters weren't involved in this book at all it was okay. I also tried a book that I found because of another blogger I follow. It's a dragon story. A very short story at that. But one I enjoyed. Thanks Mary! 

My Blog
I've had a okay week. I made sure to post everyday so that's good. I want to end the year on a good note so that means me posting every day. We'll see. I do get lazy at times. I really enjoyed all the books that I reviewed this week. I've trying my hardest to catch up on all the books I read this year and review them. It won't happen but I will try. Sadly, I think I'm going to have a lot of hang overs next year. 

I've been busy catching up on a few of my favorite English shows. Sunday I will be doing an all-day watching of The Great British Bake Off. Love that shows and like to watch it all at once. I'm also happy that Shetland is back, and I get to start that soon. I have a few shows that I've been meaning to watch that I really need to get to. With not having much new still I really should do it now. 

This week it's been a lot of comfort dinners. I have to come up with a menu for December but have no clue what I want to make. I like to have a few weeks planned out so that I can go grocery shopping with a good list and not buy a ton of stuff I don't need. I don't know about anyone else, but I get so tired of cooking. It's a lot of pressure coming up with something new that everyone in the house will eat.

The Weekend
Not a ton of stuff going on this weekend. I'm almost totally done with shopping. I have one person and stocking stuffers to do. All the gifts we already bought are wrapped and ready to be given. On Saturday night my daughter and I are going to a holiday market. It should be a nice evening. As I mentioned my Sunday is full of TV watching. I also will get my Christmas cards together so they can be mailed out on Monday. 

So, how was your week? Any plans for the weekend?



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