ARC Review: Housebroke by Jaci Burton

After her ex took all their money and bailed, Hazel Bristow is left broke and homeless. A friend whose home is on the market lets Hazel and her foster dogs stay there until it sells. It's the perfect setup, until her friend forgets to tell Hazel she's sold the house!

Linc Kennedy is shocked to find Hazel squatting in the house he just bought, but after some negotiating, he agrees she can stay while he's renovating the place. Linc tells Hazel he's an investor who renovates homes for fun-but having been burned in the past by women who have only wanted his money, he leaves out that he's also extremely wealthy...

Hazel's intrigued by sweet, funny Linc. But her track record with men isn't great, and trust doesn't come easy.
Linc's never met anyone like the quirky beauty who puts everyone's needs before her own. But can he figure out how to tell Hazel the truth without losing her?
I don't know about you, but I love a good romance that throws in the mix a bunch of dogs. Who doesn't think pups adds to a story. I know I do. That's just what happens in this story. In fact, most of my tears with this book is about the dogs. Homeless puppies and kitties make me sad. 

I really enjoyed Housebroke. Both Hazel (great heroine name) and Linc are wonderful characters. You really like them right away. It seems that right from the beginning these two meshed. For Hazel to find a person who can deal with the fact that she'll always has a bunch of dogs around her isn't easy. Even those who love animals might think five is a lot. 

For most of this story both Linc and Hazel are the only two people in the story. Sure, you have Hazel's sister and mother thrown in a few times and also Linc's family, but I'd say only five percent of the story is with them. Most of that is phone calls. Now I'm a smalltown reader so I was afraid this would bother me, but it didn't. I felt the author did a great job of moving the story along and keeping me interested. Something I don't feel is that easy unless it's a novella. 

You see a lot of growth with these two. They are able to talk with each other about their pasts and how the loss of their fathers has shaped them. As a whole they are both great and I was so happy that they were working on their HEA. Now saying that I did have an issue or two. Not very big and it might only be mine but at the end Hazel kind of bugged me. 

I really don't understand why when you aren't having a very deep and meaningful relationship that someone feels that they should know you finances. Maybe that's me being older speaking but if you won't even say my girlfriends and our relationship is friends with benefits then you don't get to know how much I am worth. 

Another thing that was an eye roller for me is Hazel's need to stand on her own two feet and make something of her life. She wanted to make her own money and support herself, but I didn't see that at all in this book. She's living rent free in a friend's house and has no real job. Now I'm not belittling her, all I'm saying is that I feel the author stressed too much Hazel's need to be independent but didn't really show us her doing that. 

I know that might seem like a lot of issues, but it really isn't. For most of the story I was really happy and for me every good book has a character with flaws. No one is perfect. I am not finding that this is a series, but she does leave us with a few characters that are single. Who knows. 


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