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Grizzly shifter Desi Mitchell is ready to settle down and start a family. As a former security expert for the United States military, he's starting his own security firm just in time as frenzied treasure hunters from the Famous Race take over the town and bring a rash of weird happenings. He’s watching out for the residents, including sexy new bookstore owner, Kora Meredith. His bear wants to claim her as his fated mate. She wants him to secure her home tighter than Fort Knox and get lost.

Kora is converting the hundred-year-old brothel into a bookstore to help forget her past. Staying busy helps soothe her chaotic mind—a mind that won’t let her have a relationship, or grand adventures, or go to the store somedays. She tries to deter Desi when he insists on helping her. She resists when he swears they are fated mates.

But the clues lead them to a treasure neither of them was expecting. And danger threatens to push Kora over the edge. Can they find what they’re looking for before it’s too late?
I have really been enjoying this series. As you guys know I love me a good bear shifter story and this series has been giving me that. With each book I've been enjoying it more and more. For the third book we have Desi and Kora. Their story is a real fun one for the most part with a mystery thrown in. 

Desi is home after being gone for so long in the military. He's happy to be around his family and happy for his brothers that have found their mates. He's also thrill with his brother's twins. What's he isn't happy with is that his dad wants him to go into the family business. He's just not feeling it. He wants to do his own thing that thing being security. And that's how he's found Kora. She needs him to secure her bookstore. 

Kora has gone through a very hard time and needs to be away from her old life and decompress. She thought she found that place, but things aren't totally going well. She needs Desi's help and right away he knows she's his mate, so he'd do anything for her. 

You'll enjoy their story even when it wasn't going well. It took Kora a bit to realize/admit what she's feelings. She has closed herself off from all emotional and at times comes off slightly cold.  Her past really weighs heavily on her shoulders. It might take them a bit to find their HEA but, in the end, they do, and I was so glad. 


  1. Love seeing you working on series to catch up on. There are so many right? I look at my spreadsheet series tracker and I am still baffled by how many I need to work on haha


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