Reading Challenge for 2023

All her life, tomboy Molly Malone, has been one of the guys. When her brother decides to get married it means the gang will reunite, but more importantly it means Nate Jacobs will finally come home. With the impending nuptials looming fast and a family that can barely put together a grocery list, Molly will be tested like never before. To make matters worse, one look from Nate confirms he’s still her kryptonite and that her teenage crush is now something more. He's only ever thought of her as ‘one of the boys’ and to protect her heart, she’s determined to keep it that way.

At thirty years of age, sports agent Nate Jacobs has got it all. Dream job, nice home, expensive car, and all the eye candy he can handle. But lately he’s realized something is missing. He just doesn’t know what it is. So, coming home to Crystal Lake for his buddy’s wedding is a welcome distraction. He can kick back, relax and get his head on straight. The only problem? Molly Malone. She’s still the pain in the ass she always was, so why is he thinking things he shouldn’t be? Like kissing her? Like what is underneath those baggy jeans? She’s also acting weird and that makes him wonder, what the hell is she hiding?
This the second story in the Crystal Lake series and I really enjoyed it. Did I have a few issues? Yes and no. For me it's hard to judge a person from when they are a kid. In this story Nate is a huge player. He will go to bed with almost any woman whom he can get it up for. Now most of that is prior to the book. It's either a memory or just in his past. So, I can't judge him too harshly.  

We all have to grow up mentally along with physically. 

Because I think people can grow, I tried to see Nate in a different light then the one everyone thinks about him. Doing so helped me see the real Nate and find that as a character I really liked him. He's ready to settle down and doesn't even know it. 

I also really liked Molly. She's a wonderful person who's always had a thing for Nate and finds that even after all these years she still has it. I think Molly being Molly is what finally wakes up Nate to the fact that there is more to life than one big party. 

I liked these two together and cheered for them throughout the story. Their ride wasn't always easy but when it worked it really worked for them. I'm glad that they both woke up to what they really wanted in life and made that happen. This is a good story and made me want to read the next book in the series right away. 


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