My Week

A bit on how my week went.

This past week I've read so many good books. Of and on this year, I've been dealing with being burnt out with reading, so this was a very happy week for me. Loved Nora Roberts' Inheritance and also loved Cynthia Eden's Christmas story, Waiting for Christmas. All over, a good week. 

My Blog
I've been pretty good this week with getting everything set up. I'm hoping to finish the year off strong. 

With no real new shows on I've been catching up on the ones I started and didn't finish because they had 15 seasons already out there. I've also been rewatching some of my favorites. 

I've been making some comfort foods. I made lasagna soup with turned into lasagna casserole for leftovers. I also made a spicy corn carbonara. It was really tastes. The best part of the weeks cooking is many of the dishes had leftovers, so I didn't have to do more than warm it up for the second time.

The Weekend
Not much going on this weekend. I might be bad and start my Christmas decorating. I have a lot to do, and I hate feeling rushed when I put it up. Plus, after all that work, I like to look at it for a while. So, I'm thinking it's a good plan to do. Happy dance! Anyone else putting theirs up early?

So, what's your week and do you have weekend plans?


  1. Good for you having a strong reading week! I remember book slumps and they just aren't fun. Hope you find a way to overcome those.

    1. They keep coming and going but it's getting better. Thanks.


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