ARC Review: Waiting for Christmas by Cynthia Eden

His whole life. That’s how long Wyatt Roth feels like he has been waiting for Christmas “Christy” Sharpe to realize she’s meant to be with him. But gorgeous and vivacious Christy has always seen him as just her little brother’s best friend. One ridiculous year—he’s only younger than her by one year—and doesn’t she get that he’s grown up? He’s a doctor, part of an elite special operations surgical team—a team that has been trained in medicine and in military battle. There is no fight he can’t win. He won’t give up on her.

She’s home for the holidays…but running scared.

The last thing he expects is to find a terrified Christy on his doorstep just days before Christmas. But a stalker has sent her running to the only place she has a safe haven. Wyatt takes her in and vows to protect her. No one will be hurting Christy on his watch. And with her finally under his roof—finally staying close 24/7—he can show Christy that he’s been there for her all along.

Right. There. Waiting.

When did Wyatt Roth get so big? So dangerous? So…insanely sexy with all of his muscles and that tempting grin? Christy can’t believe it when the tall, hot doc answers the door and immediately vows to protect her. She has an ex who won’t let go, and the guy has been scaring her so badly that she had to rush away in the middle of the night. But now Wyatt is promising to keep her safe, the magic of the holiday season is surrounding her, and when she finds herself sharing a passionate kiss with Wyatt under the mistletoe Christy realizes…

Maybe what she’s wanted her whole life has been right in front of her.

What happens when the boy you knew grows into a rugged, too sexy to be true man? A man who has deadly skills, wicked wit, and an amazing kissing ability? During the magic of the holidays, anything can happen. But you have to be careful, because danger is always close, and the thing you want most in the world…just might be lost in the blink of an eye.
There is nothing better than a Cynthia Eden hero. I have to admit that whenever I see a new book of hers, I get so excited. Add in the fact that it's a Christmas story and you all know that I'm jumping for joy. 

Waiting for Christmas starts off strong and keeps going till the end of the story. Just when you think you know where the story is going you have to wonder. I so enjoyed both Wyatt and Christy. I liked how that he's been in love with her for a long time. I would say I wish he acted sooner but I think it was all meant to be. 

It was nice to have Wyatt be a doctor not someone who is a bodyguard or works for the government. You learn quickly that there is more to him then you first think. He's strong enough to protect Christy but also smart enough to know that she's a strong woman that's been independent for a long time and not used to leaning on someone. 

I understood why Christy left town after the death of her parents and felt the need to be on her own even though she left her brother behind. It's only happenstance that she ends up at Wyatt's when it turns out her brother isn't home and she's in need of a safe place to stay. 

They mystery and the storyline are really good and is fast paced. It kept me in the story, and I didn't want to put it down. Easily a one day read. There are a few characters that I'm hoping we learn more about. They need their own stories. 


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