ARC Review: Just Like Magic by Tara Wyatt

Adam Shephard is not in a rut.

So what if he’s forty, single, and still running his family’s Inn? So what if he’s still grieving his father’s death and mourning the spectacular failure of his writing career? His life is perfectly fine, thank you very much. He’s not looking for love or a relationship, no matter what his nosy family thinks. Especially not with a writer from out of town.

Which is fine, because bestselling author Hazel Woodward isn’t looking for love either. She’s just looking for an escape, which is how she winds up in Gossamer Falls, a town where magic feels more than just make believe.

With her deadline looming, Hazel has only a few weeks to submit the first hundred pages of her manuscript or forfeit her hefty advance—which might be a problem, because she’s been living off of it for the past two years. While getting divorced, losing her best friend to a heartbreaking betrayal, and dealing with the worst case of writers block ever known to man. Now, in the picturesque town of Gossamer Falls, while staying at the Shephard Inn, she's hoping she can put the past behind her and focus on her career.

There’s a reason Adam doesn’t get involved with his guests, even ones with the most amazing brown eyes he’s ever seen. Even ones as gorgeous, smart, and talented as Hazel. Because in the end, they all leave.
But there’s magic in the air, and he can’t watch Hazel struggle. Especially when he just might have the solution to her writer’s block.

Too bad it might cost him his heart.
When Tara Wyatt started talking about this story on Facebook, I was so excited. I loved the idea of a town that's just a little bit magic. I loved the idea of learning more about the people who live there. I went into the story looking forward to romance and magic and I can say I got that. The romance in the story is perfect. Because of the magic the romance happens quickly and that helps the story not feel rushed. I have to say I'd love even more magic within the story and hope maybe there will be in the next book. Happily, there is going to be a next book. All through this one I kept thinking, "who's next?"

Right away you love Hazel. You won't be able to not feel for her and all she's gone through. Her ex is a real jerk that I want nothing but bad things to happen to him. Hazel deserves the town of Gossamer Falls. She deserves a bit of magic in her life and to have people around her that truly enjoy her and not think of her as a way to get ahead. 

Adam, Adam, Adam, he is so sweet and hot. He totally falls hard for Hazel. You see it in every action he does. Just the simple move of bringing her coffee when she's working makes the heart melt. It's sad that death and disappointment has caused him to give up something that he loves. 

I liked these two worked to build each other up. As I mentioned the romance happens quickly but doesn't feel rushed. You will fell invested in how they feel about each other and want good things for them. 

I have so many questions about the other characters in the family and town and hope that we get to know them better. Heck, I want to learn about more people who live in the town. I felt that we met some but not all of who we could have. It leaves us with something to look forward to. We get the next book in winter of 2024 so I'm happy to know that. 


  1. I love a couple that build each other up. Thats what we should see more often in a romance.


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