ARC Review: Inheritance by Nora Roberts

1806: Astrid Poole sits in her bridal clothes, overwhelmed with happiness. But before her marriage can be consummated, she is murdered, and the circle of gold torn from her finger. Her last words are a promise to Collin never to leave him…

Graphic designer Sonya MacTavish is stunned to learn that her late father had a twin he never knew about―and that her newly discovered uncle, Collin Poole, has left her almost everything he owned, including a majestic Victorian house on the Maine coast, which the will stipulates she must live in it for at least three years. Her engagement recently broken, she sets off to find out why the boys were separated at birth―and why it was all kept secret until a genealogy website brought it to light.

Trey, the young lawyer who greets her at the sprawling clifftop manor, notes Sonya’s unease―and acknowledges that yes, the place is haunted…but just a little. Sure enough, Sonya finds objects moved and music playing out of nowhere. She sees a painting by her father inexplicably hanging in her deceased uncle’s office, and a portrait of a woman named Astrid, whom the lawyer refers to as “the first lost bride.” It’s becoming clear that Sonya has inherited far more than a house. She has inherited a centuries-old curse, and a puzzle to be solved if there is any hope of breaking it…
It's been a while since I've read anything by Nora. This one sounded good, and I knew I had to try it. I'm so glad I did because I totally ate up this story. I couldn't put it down and when I was made to, I got a bit pissed off. How dare the world interfere with my reading? As the book ending my thoughts were, "what the hell, a cliffhanger?" Yep, it ends in a cliffhanger. I have to be honest here if I'd had known that I would have waiting for all three books to come out and read them as one. 

Since I didn't know that I'm going to warn you. Yep, the story rocks but leaving so you are hanging and let me tell you I was so invested in the story that at 1:30 in the morning I wanted to yell out loud. I wasn't used to Nora leaving us with a cliffhanger ending but like I mentioned I haven't read her in a bit. So go into this story with knowledge. 

I totally love the characters in the story. Other than the boyfriend in the beginning everyone is enjoyable. Most of the story is told through Soyna's POV. You have a bit of the other characters but not much. It works because of the fact that almost everything happens to her. I will say if the balance of the romance was there, I might have been a bit hesitant to love it, I would have only liked it a lot. But there is a good romance story in here, in fact, there is more than one. 

As I mentioned you'll love the characters and how they all interact with each other, and the biggest thrill is the ghosts. Yep, you heard me right, ghost. They are just as much a main character as the rest of them. You will really enjoy them and want the characters to interact with them. I loved getting to know the history of Sonya's family. I was also glad that at least one of her cousins decided to be there for her. 

They only thing that makes me feel like I've read too many romance books is the fact that I really thought the ex would show up knowing for when he finds out about all that she now has. He seems the type. But again, since it's a cliffhanger who knows those feelings, I was having could happen. I will say I'm not sure that when the next book comes out, I'll rush to read it, or I'll wait till the last book in the trilogy is out to read them together. It's all a dilemma for now. As of right now this book is taking up a lot of my thoughts. Don't you just love that in a book. I know I should go into more that happened in the book to give you a full review on this story, but I want you to experience it for yourself. Believe me the story will be much better for it. 


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