ARC Review: Four Weddings and a Puppy by Lizzie Shane

Kendall Walsh has exactly one second to save a fancy, five-tiered wedding cake and any possibility of being a wedding planner—not to mention her family’s struggling ski resort. All because of one very cute, very furry, golden menace of a retriever who has a serious thing for butter chiffon icing. Which is exactly when Olympic skier Brody James shows up and saves the day . . . and the cake.

Brody makes Kendall feel about a million indecipherable things. He’s her brother’s bestie. Her first crush. And a ridiculously popular Olympic hero, which only reminds her of her own failed Olympic dreams. What Brody isn’t telling her is that he’s walked away from it all. The fame. The sponsorships. The celebrity girlfriend. Now he and Kendall are both lost somewhere between their past and a future they can’t yet see. But four weddings, one mischievous puppy, and a few steamy kisses later, these two might just realize that they are both exactly where they need to be…with each other.
I've been really enjoying this series, but I have to say that Four Weddings and a Puppy has to be my favorite so far. I really loved both Brody and Kendall. Right from the beginning they worked even if they didn't know they did. Sometimes you have to work for what's important to you. 

Kendall comes off as a cold locked in person, but I think you have to get to know her. Sadly, she hasn't allowed herself to move passed her past and become her new her. It really has held her back from life. More than once I want to tell her "enough already" but to be honest I have to say that I'm not sure how I'd act of feel if my dreams were taken away from me. 

I totally understood what Brody was going through. A loss, even one of someone you aren't really close can affect your life. It hurt my heart that he was afraid to talk to his family because he didn't want to disappoint them. 

You quickly see that these two are meant for each other and work as a couple. Brody helps her stand up for herself by giving her the confidence she needs. While Kendall stands with Brody and helps him understand why he's feeling what he's feeling and that it's okay. It's kind of funny how they can't admit to their own issues but have no problems help the other with theirs. Isn't that how life is. 

I also loved Kendall's pup. As someone who's gone through the puppy stage for the last two years, I get it. They get into everything. Kendall was lucky to only have to watch her cell phone. We couldn't sit on a couch for almost two years without the dog mouthing us. I was so happy when that stage was over. 

Between Kendall finally sticking up for herself with her father and Brody realizing what he wants out of life this is a wonderful, easy to read story that I totally enjoyed. 


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