ARC Review: A Christmas Changes Everything by Isabelle Grace

This Christmas, Holly and Chace are getting the best present of all – a second chance. Holly McCade is godmother to two little girls – a role she takes very seriously. So, she immediately offers to care for the twins when, three weeks before Christmas, their father is injured, and their mother has to rush off to tend to him. Only Holly won’t be handling the situation alone. The twins’ Uncle Chace, the man Holly almost married, is also coming to help. Formerly an elite soldier, now a private security specialist, Chace Dutton is trained to deal with the toughest, scariest situations. Yet nothing has prepared him for the daunting task of sharing childcare duties with the only woman he’s ever loved. The woman who tore his heart to shreds when she said she could never be with a man who might be killed every time he went to work. Now, eight years later and living under the same roof, Chace and Holly are given a glimpse into how their life together might have been. Will they have the courage to rekindle their love and grab hold of this second chance? Or is all the mistletoe for nothing?
You know me I love a Christmas/holiday story. Add that to it being part of a series I really liked and I'm a happy camper. A Christmas Changes Everything was once a short novella that was part of a boxset. Since I didn't read the before I don't know how much it changed now that it's filled out some. 

The idea of the story is a good one. I like the fact that these two know each other and once had a relationship. A second change romance works smoothly in this story. Sometimes you find that the story works hard to put the couple together again but not with this one. The author was smart to have an emergency that cause the two to have to work together. 

At the very first meeting of these two I have to admit that I didn't care for Holly. She came off mean. Thankfully you understand her pretty quickly and figure out she lashes out but doesn't mean what she says. She's very hurt about the past and I will say I don't blame her. I get she fell in love with military man, but she figured out pretty quickly that she couldn't handle that kind of life. The worry was too much for her. 

At the time she wanted him to get out he could, and you understand why. In fact, I don't have a problem with his decisions. The fact that they broke up was the right thing to do. He deserved to have the life he wanted just like her. 

I'm not going to say more because you really should read it for yourself and see both sides of their feelings. The sweet part is that they really do love each other and have all the time they weren't together. Time together shows them what they really want. 

I love the nieces and how Chance who is this tough can handle everything guy gets tired out by two seven-year-olds. Love it. Most of us have been there and you don't understand it until it happens to you. As whole this is a very enjoyable story that I really liked. 


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