Book Review: Real Men Hunt by Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

Persia has dedicated her life to saving the planet from greedy construction companies, even if that meant she lost out on a life filled with laughter, love, and passion. Considering she's generally surrounded by losers, potheads, and slackers, it's not such a big loss. Then she meets Warren--a tall, muscular hunk of hottie she wants to climb like the trees she's trying to save.

Werewolf Warren Edgecomb lost out on love once and never imagined he'd find a woman for him. Then he stumbles across Persia and he knows the gorgeous female is his. Every curvaceous, delicious, tempting inch of her. The only problem? She's human and can't sense their shifter mate-bond. Plus there's the fact that she likes his wolf better than him.

Warren's only chance of winning over the delectable Persia is to join her protest. Since they both want to bring down the developer attempting to steal his pack's lands, it seems like a match made in heaven. Until he learns a secret that rocks his faith in his instincts--and in Persia.
I've really loved this series and sad that it's done. Real Men Hunt is the seventh book in their Real Men Shift series. As a whole the series is enjoyable. 

Warren is a figure that you spend most of the book not sure about. Is he a hero or is he just a jerk? If you read the prior books this question is even harder to answer? I know that what he thought who his mate would be turned out not to be so that kind of messed with him. Even with all that I kind of really liked him. 

Persia is doing her best to save the woods that so many call home. She's fight hard and Warren stands with her. 

These two take a bit of time to learn what they mean to each other, but they finally do. I do think Warren could have handled explain it all to Persia a bit better and he could have shown her a bit more romance. Because he's a shifter I get the falling for each other fast a given but that doesn't work for Persia. She knowns nothing about that world and needs a bit more then fate. 

As a whole I really enjoyed this story and was glad to have read it. 


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