ARC Review: The Sweetheart Crush

Photographer Viv Montgomery once had dreams that were bigger than her small hometown of Blossom Glen. She couldn’t leave fast enough, leaving everything—including her best friend Logan Matthews—behind. Now the town’s “sweetheart” is back, broke, and…well, a bit lost. Which is when her ex-bestie shows up, a hugely successful author and (because karma is hilarious) much, much hotter than he’s supposed to be.

Logan Matthews doesn’t have a childhood memory without Viv in it. When they parted ways, nothing in his life was ever the same. But once glance at Viv, and he can’t seem to hold the grudge. Not anymore. Because she’s still the girl next door. The sweetheart of Blossom Glen. And the one he never stopped wishing for…

Now she’s helping him overhaul his social media presence, and it feels like old times—almost. Only now there’s something between them that wasn’t there before, and it makes the air between them crackle. Which is going to be a problem, because Logan’s been hiding the secret of his success…and the sweetheart of Blossom Glen isn’t going to like it. Not. One. Bit.
This is one of those stories where just talking would have fixed everything. Or almost everything. The problem was that they were way to young when they should have first talked, and Viv had some baggage that she really needs to work out. 

I've been really enjoying the Blossom Glen series. The Montgomery family has been one that I've really enjoyed. I think one of the best parts is seeing the layers that are in a family. Those layers can really affect a person even when you are meaning to have them be for good. One person's good isn't always another's. 

If this more so with this one than the prior two you really, she the mom's influence in how Viv thinks. I'm not saying that in a negative way just that sometimes what we think is a good bit of wisdom isn't always for everyone. Without getting too much into it. I will say that the girl's mom wanted nothing but a better, easier, more for filling life for her daughters. 

Sometimes that can be a lot of pressure.

Poor Viv is so busy trying to get back to the life she thinks she should have that she's not really living in the one she has. The best thing that could have happened to her was Logan coming back into her life. He made her stop and think about things. She had to really think about her life and where she wanted it to go. 

Logan is such a great guy who loves his mom and sister. He works so hard at his craft and worries about it all the time. I will say at times hearing about the pressures and how hard it is to be an author took away from the story a bit. I found myself thinking is this the authors life, instead of being within the story. 

I was glad to see that Viv help Logan see his sister in a whole new light. She pushed him to see that it's okay for her to have a dream that might be a lot of disappointment and hard work. Isn't that life? 

Together these two works and right away you see why they were best friends. There is a connection between them that cements their relationship. I liked how they lifted each other up and supported each other. I thought that Viv did overreact to something in their past but maybe my skin is thicker. 

As whole this story worked out perfectly. I think you'll be so happy that the third sister has gotten the perfect HEA. I can't wait to see what's next by this author. 


  1. I do love seeing a couple that work and support each other in their relationship. Sounds very well done and glad it worked out so well for you there.


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