ARC Review: Monster Without Mercy by Cynthia Eden

Anyone can be tempted…

Xavier Hollow is the king of destruction. A shifter, a vampire, a demon—every nightmare you have—all rolled into one very smoking hot package. Xavier snaps his fingers, and the world falls at his feet. His enemies tremble in fear. And the women who want him? They tremble with yearning. Life (and death) is one fabulous ride…until a certain very old curse kicks in for him. A curse that threatens to take away all of his dark power.

He needs someone good…to fall for him. STAT.

Three days. That’s how long Xavier has to tempt one Mercy Josephine. Innocent, pure, the actual descendant of an angel, she’s all the things that normally give him hives—literally. He’s allergic to good and just can’t stand it. Committing a “good” act causes Xavier physical pain. The bigger the act, the more intense his suffering. But, for Mercy, he’ll have to pretend to be someone very, very different. Someone who is—unfortunately and ever-so-disgustingly—good.

He’ll corrupt her. She’ll save him.

A simple enough task. Go to the costume ball. Charm the modern-day princess. Get her to sacrifice her soul for him. Done. He could probably bring her to the dark side with just a kiss. But then he meets Mercy and realizes that he’s not the only one looking to destroy some goodness. Other beasts are closing in, and in order to break the curse that haunts him, Xavier will have to do the one thing he never expected…protect Mercy. Beautiful, brave, and—shudder— good Mercy.

The plan won’t change.

By the time the clock strikes midnight on the third day, Mercy will be under his spell. He’ll convince her that he’s a hero, that she’s desperately in love with him. She’ll give up her soul—and her life—for him. The desire that rages between them is hotter than the fires of—well, home. Temptation is his specialty, and he can seduce her like no other.

Not like he’s going to change his mind for her. Not like…

Not like anyone can teach a monster to love. Because only the good love. And Xavier is many things, but he will never, ever be good. Not when being bad is so much fun.

Time for the world to burn. Time for an innocent to fall. And time for the monsters to reign…
I'm so happy to have a new paranormal romance by Cynthia Eden. It's been a hot minute since her last one. Right off I knew I was going to love this one. It was totally her. Sexy take charge guy, sweet and strong female and a whole lot of mess. 

I really think Mercy has to be one of Eden's sweetest heroines. She's just so good. Now I know that part of who she is, but the author has written other very sweet character but this one just rose to another level. 

The differences between Mercy and Xavier are so far away from each other but yet so close. The are like two sides of the same coin. I really enjoyed the evilness of Xavier. He shows how powerful he is but also has a side to him that you will see that isn't evil at all. 

Together these two will fight for each other and make decision that is the best for the other person over themselves. Their love is something special. The story is fast paced and before you know it, you'll be done and wanting more. I really hope she writes more stories in this world. 

Make sure this is your treat on Halloween! 


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