ARC Review: The Christmas Cabin by Michelle Major

As a girl, single mom Lauren Maxwell hated Magnolia, South Carolina. And she thought she’d left her hometown in the rearview mirror years ago, but a message from her beloved baby brother, Brody, changes all that. He’s getting married on Christmas Eve. So a holiday at Camp Blossom, the rustic sleepaway camp that had been a haven during her growing-up years, it is. Lauren won’t even have to see her dictatorial father. Or her ex-husband, Ben…

When Ben greets her at the surprisingly decrepit cabin, he’s just as stubborn—and as irresistible—as ever. And when she discovers he’s working with her estranged father to buy the campgrounds and rebuild them as luxury housing, Lauren is furious. She won’t let the man who broke her heart win. So she and her daughter stay in town to block the sale.

But the magic of the Christmas season brings back memories Lauren tried so hard to forget: his crooked smile, their daughter’s laughter at the breakfast table, the feel of her hand in his. As the spark between them rekindles, Lauren realizes that second chances are real. And they’re worth fighting for.
Every so often you get a book that you are so into that it feels like the insides under your skin is crawling, or maybe like adrenaline is racing through your system. That's how I felt from the second I started this book till the end. 

So many emotions I had to deal with while reading The Christmas Cabin. I was pissed, sad, happy, then pissed again. I spent a lot of time being pissed. Ha! The funny part is that it wasn't just one person within the story that made me mad. It was almost every character that pissed me off. We all really need to learn to take to each other. 

If feel like that author did a great job of showing us a dysfunctional family and what happens to them and the people around them. An uncaring, cold father set his children on a path of jealousy, dislike and distrust. 

What I loved about this story is that I knew that at least one of the sisters was going to find their happily ever after so all the stuff up to the ending is just gravy. So much of this story you need to learn for your own, so I won't give too much away. I was happy that the sisters started to work on their relationship. They both had some backsliding but isn't that how family is? 

You'll love Lauren and Ben. I felt for them both. They felt for them both. they are so young when they fall in love and they both wanted to do nothing but spend the rest of their lives together but like so often with young love it didn't work. Thankfully some of us get a second chance. 

You enjoy watching them fall in love again. Not that I think they every fell out of love. I enjoyed how they worked through their past and was able to start something new. Nothing is easy in this book, but I think that's what made it so much better for me. In the end the people who are important work out what needed to be worked out. This one will be perfect for the holidays! 




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