ARC Review: The Christmas Brides of Twilight by Lori Wilde

She was the one who got away… Noelle Curry has returned to Twilight to plan the most spectacular double wedding the town has ever seen— and do it on national television. But the woman known as “The Wedding Whisperer” is knocked speechless when she notices her teenage crush, Gil Thomas, is about to plunge into icy cold water wearing nothing more than a pair of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer swim trunks. He is the sexiest guy participating in the annual polar bear plunge and seeing him pushes all thoughts of white lace and rose blossoms right out of her mind. He was the man who decided to stay… Single dad Gil doesn’t regret giving up his dreams of big-city singing stardom for small-town life. But seeing Noelle—who’s blossomed from the once-gawky teenager to West Coast beauty—has him thinking of days—and nights—a whole lot hotter than his plunge in the lake. And even though he knows she’ll be heading out as soon as her work is finished, he can’t help hoping the magic of Christmas in Twilight will get her to change her mind and stay in town—and by his side—forever.
This is a series that I've really enjoyed reading. The stories ae always comfort reads for me. I just feel good for reading them. For some reason I love stories where you've fallen in love with a boy then years later you get to meet him again. I think we all can relate to having that one guy in our lives that when we were much younger, way too young to make adult decisions, that we had the biggest crush on that we still wonder, "what if?"

That's kind of this story. Noelle fell for Gil when she was a young girl and she never for a minute thought he'd remember her years ago. My favorite part is that he did indeed remember her. 

You'll feel for Noelle her life hasn't always filled with love. Her favorite time in life was being in Twilight with her grandparents and dreaming of Gil. Sadly, she didn't have the best parents and I think that shaped her adult life. She was a closed off and didn't even notice it. If anyone deserves love, it's Noelle. 

Gil is my favorite kind of hero, the single dad. For me there is nothing sexier than a man whose kids are their first loves. He's such a good daddy and it shows in his every action. He always puts his daughter first. Maybe too much so. He at times uses her not to take chances. 

As a couple these two works. They love each other and Noelle adores his daughter which is a plus. You'll love how Noelle works at doing her job and how Gil is there having her back. I also enjoyed her reacquainting herself with the people she knew in town when she was a kid. It really seemed like home. This is a wonderful holiday story that you'll enjoy this upcoming season.  


  1. The story sounds intriguing. Thanks for posting your review of it.

  2. Great review you have of this one. I do have this one to read around Christmastime. I do love her Christmas books.


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