Reading Challenge 2023

Cam Booker learned the hard way that commitment and love aren’t for him. Fresh out of a relationship that nearly saw him go to jail, he’s focused on building a life and his business. But when he suddenly finds himself responsible for a motherless five-year-old, his world is turned upside down. What does he know about caring for a little girl? On top of that, his newest client, the notorious widow Banes is definitely the kind of trouble he doesn’t need.

Which is too bad for Cam. Because trouble is one thing that always seems to find him. And this kind of trouble could be disastrous.

Bluebell Banes hides behind a cool façade of disinterest and money. She’s knows what the locals think of her—Vegas showgirl hit it big when elderly David Banes married her. But they don’t know the pain she carries, or the past she’s running from. They don’t know the desire Cam Booker stirs in her, or the yearning his little girl evokes. The man has her thinking of things she shouldn’t be thinking about. Forbidden things. Complicated things. Blue doesn’t do complicated. It’s too much trouble and there are too many risks.

And the biggest risk of all is something she’s guarded for years, her heart.
It's been a while since I've read anything by Juliana Stone. I enjoyed what I read but I will admit that her writing didn't pull to me then. I picked The Thing About Trouble to read because I couldn't get into anything, and I wasn't sure what I felt like reading. 

I'm so glad that I did. I ended up really enjoying The Thing About Trouble. 

Right away I knew I loved Cam. Right off the bat something about him just drew me in. He comes off as a very hard-working great guy. Anyone who's good to his elderly next door neighbor has to be a good guy. Add in that he's willing to take in a child who just lost her mother, and you can see a good person. 

I loved how sweet he was to the little girl. He didn't really have a clue to what he was doing and since child wasn't his you'd understand if he didn't want to be there for her, but he did step up and bring her into his life. Total hero! 

Bluebell comes off as someone you won't want to know. She seems like a woman who goes after old men for money. As you read the story and get to know her, you'll see a whole new layer to her. 

So much is going on in both their lives that you'd think they couldn't take more on, but it all worked. Together they worked so well for each other. They brought out the best in each other and really helped one another. They because a wonderful family. 

I'm so glad I decided to pick up this series and start reading it. I ended up buying the whole series and I've been reading them. Sometimes it's good to go back and read one of those authors that at the time might not have pulled at you. You never know what can happen. 


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