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Johanna Lindsey

Have you read her?
I have. When I first started reading, she was a favorite of mine. I was also lucky enough to have met her and gotten a signed book of hers. Her books are wonderful written with touches of humor in them. 

If you have what's your favorite book?
I love so many of hers, but my all-time favorite is Love Me Forever. I can read that one over and over. I just love the characters in this one. 

Does she have a series you like?
She does. I love her Malory-Anderson's is one of my all-time favorite's series. I love this family. Gentle Rouge is the best in the series. I also really enjoyed her Ly-San-Ter series. I might have to do some rereading of her books. 


  1. I have read a few of her books. Back when I was in my twenties and I hadn't read any romance yet, my mom brought over a big box of her romance books that she was done with and told me that I should read some. There was a few of her books in there and I read them and enjoyed them and all of the books that were in that box is what got me hooked on romance.

    1. I had somewhat the same way of getting into romance. My mom brought home from work a bag of books from a coworker and my love affair began.

  2. oh man I just love and adore Johanna Lindsey. Her books are just delightful. Her Malory books are wonderful. My favorites are (don't laugh but Fires of Winter), Say You Love Me, One Heart to Win, and Keeper of the Heart. I love that she wrote books all over the place with so many unique setups ....heck she even did some sci fi lol

    1. Her books are so good. So many of them I loved. I really need to read them all again.


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