ARC Review: Wilde Love by Jennifer Ryan

When Lyric Wilde’s not whipping up the best food in town at the Dark Horse Dive Bar, she’s making a name for herself as a rising singer-songwriter. And if any of her online followers cross the line from friendly to fanatical, well, Lyric figures it goes with the territory—and she can take care of herself. But there’s one fan she wants to get to know better—a silent, sexy biker named Viper. A man who makes her think mine every time she looks at him. But who exactly is “Viper?”

Undercover FBI special agent Mason Gunn has been hiding in plain sight and alone for far too long. And while he fantasizes about a peaceful life with beautiful Lyric by his side, he knows that until his mission—to take down a murder-for-hire network—is accomplished, his dark world is no place for her. But when frightening encounters and threatening text messages from a stalker bent on keeping Lyric all to himself and his most wanted criminal target his sultry songbird, he will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves…
As always, I get so excited when Jennifer Ryan starts a new series. Her stories are always so engaging that I go into them knowing I'll get a great story with characters I won't be able to forget. Wilde Love is one of those stories. 

You meet both Viper aka Mason and Lyric in the prior book/series, so you go into knowing they have feelings for each other. What you aren't sure of is how they could possibly have a relationship with all that Viper is dealing with. 

The story started out right away with us getting a creepy feeling for what was happening. You don't trust Rick and with good reason. Who just shows up somewhere when you really don't know the person? He comes off not as a person who's really looking for help but as someone who wants to float on someone else's coat tails. 

I didn't trust him at all. 

Now Viper I loved from the first second he came on the page. There is something about him that draws you to him. I knew he was going through it with his job and really wanted him to be able to come out of the shadows. 

Together Viper and Lyric are made for each other. You see right away their feelings for each other. From the beginning she trusts him like no one else but her family. They work together and make a good couple. He'd do anything for her and her the same. You'll really enjoy both of them. The only thing that I wish was different with the story is that I felt it took so long for them to be able to show the world they are together. I know, something some but it still made me wish for more. 

The great part is that you are introduced to so many new characters that you'll want to know their stories. As I'm sure you will be I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. 


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