ARC Review: Reunited on Sugar Maple Road by Debbie Mason

Highland Falls police officer Emma Scott is a workaholic who doesn’t do small talk, hugs, or anything else touchy-feely. Ever since her fiancé’s death over a year ago, Emma’s been sleepwalking through life, and her family is growing increasingly worried about her. Enter Josh Callahan, her brother’s best friend. Josh is obnoxiously good-looking and, even more annoyingly, in a perpetually cheerful mood. Though he may drive her crazy, his suggestion to fake date him is brilliant because there are no feelings involved. At least, not at first.

High school football coach and volunteer firefighter Josh Callahan is a fun-loving guy who is all about friends, family, and community. After his wife left him, he committed to staying uncommitted, except now he’s earned the nickname “Heartbreaker of Highland Falls.” Spending time with Emma will improve his rep while she can remember what it means to get out and enjoy life again. And his plan works…until Josh realizes that the feelings he has for Emma are all too real. But is Emma ready to share her heart again?
Reunited on Sugar Maple Road is Mason at her finest. When she is writing about ghost her stories adds another layer. I loved reading Reunited on Sugar Maple Road, but I was also sad at the same time. I hate leaving the people of Highland Falls. I've grown to really enjoy them. 

Both Emma and Josh are in prior books, so you know who they are and know a bit about them from the prior book. You really learn about them in this book. I really love Josh. He's fun loving and open and honest. Sadly, because he wants to play around and not settle down it seems like he's a player and not a good person. Instead, he just didn't want to go back to a time where he felt broken hearted and alone. 

As you get to know Josh you see the real guy, the one that's good and caring and loves hard. I also loved the relationship he has with the boys he coaches. He really cares about them and takes his job seriously. He's the type of person that you can't help what to know. 

Now Emma is the total opposite of Josh. She's angry all the time and sad. You do understand it. She's very sad about losing the person she loved. As cold and uncaring as she comes off you see beneath all that to the good caring person she is. 

Together these two are perfect. They balance each other out and bring out the best in each other. As the book progresses you see more and more of how these two works together. You also see how much they care and love each other. 

I really enjoyed this story and as much as I am sad to see them go, I am looking forward to seeing what's next. 


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