ARC Review: Forged From Ice by Cynthia Eden

U.S. Marshal Titan Everett never loses his prey, and he always stays mission oriented. His latest mission? He’s working with a group of cold case solvers called the Ice Breakers—he’s chasing down a runaway witness, a woman who may be the key to solving a string of unsolved murders. Seems like a simple enough job. After the hell he’s seen, locating one Cassidy Jacobs, former kindergarten teacher, should be a walk in the park.
She doesn’t want to be found.

When you manage to escape from a twisted killer—who happened to be your boyfriend—you grab life by both hands and you hold on tight. You run like mad from danger, you reinvent yourself over and over, and you don’t look back. Ever. Unless, of course, the past comes barreling at you in the form of one truly massive and strong U.S. marshal.

Titan is big, dangerous, and determined to bring Cassidy back home. He also has the most incredible eyes she’s ever seen and a voice that makes her whole body ache with longing…Problematic. Very. Because the last time she fell hard for a sexy stranger, he wound up being a monster.

Home is where the nightmare waits.

Scarred and twisted by his own past, Titan never claims to be anyone’s hero. He barely talks, and charming is the last word anyone would ever associate with him. The bubbly, beautiful Cassidy is his complete opposite, and the scorching, primal attraction he feels for her catches him completely off guard as they embark on what has to be the road trip from hell.

Unfortunately, Titan isn’t the only one who has found Cassidy. She’s been running non-stop, but she just can’t seem to run far enough—or fast enough—to evade the man who wants her dead. When Titan saves her life and promises protection, she agrees to a partnership with him. He’ll protect her, and she’ll help him draw out the killer. No biggie. Not like she’s utterly and completely terrified.

But eventually, you have to stop running and start fighting.
This isn’t just another hunt for Titan. Everything has changed in his world because of Cassidy. Losing her can’t happen, but putting the man in the ground who has been terrorizing her? Absolutely on Titan’s to-do list. New Protect Cassidy and catch a killer. And when the case is closed, maybe Cassidy will want to start a new life once again…only this time, with Titan at her side.

U.S. Marshal Titan Everett is on the hunt. On the outside, Titan looks scary as the devil, and he’s well aware that he often sends small children running. But Cassidy isn’t afraid of him. Beautiful, bold, and with a spark for life that draws him close, she is unlike anyone he’s ever met before. She needs help, and she’s going to get it. Because from the first moment he sees her, Titan knows…he will move heaven and fight hell to keep her safe.
As with all of Cynthia Eden's book I really enjoyed Forged From Ice. Right off you'll love both Titan and Cassidy. Before you can even ask, 'who is Titan and Cassidy' the action of the story starts. I really loved that. It's like learn all about them on the fly. 

As I did get to know them, I really started to like them. I felt for poor Cassidy and all she's been though. Here's a woman that since she was a teenager, she really hasn't been able to catch a break. First her parents then finding out what kind of man your boyfriend really is. 

Now on the run what more can happen to her? Well, she could meet a wonderful guy and fall for him. 

Titan is such a great special man. He's gone through a lot and put out 100% to his job. What he got back was a whole lot of hurt. Because of what a good man he is he didn't let that stop him from doing his job. He's even part of the Ice Breaker Cold Case group. Which brings him to Cassidy. 

I really loved this story and enjoyed how they fell in love. It was quick but by the book end for me it's only the first blush of love. You understand that the time from when they met till the very end of the story, they have only gotten to know each other even better and have gotten closer. 

Cassidy needs someone like Titan. Someone who believes in her and is there to stand in the way of danger. And Titan found a woman who can see him for the man that he is not what shows to others. 

As a whole this is a wonderful story. I enjoyed the characters and some I wanted to know more about. Forged From Ice is a well-written story that you'll totally enjoy. It is part of the Ice Breaker Cold Case series but doesn't include a ton of prior characters. You only really get a mention of them so can be read on its own. It's a really good series so I'd start from the beginning. 


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