Reading Challenge for 2023

She’s on the run. He’s her reluctant protector. Will there be a second chance for the alpha bear shifter mountain man? Or will he lose it all… again?

One minute Cara Neal is celebrating her win as Kansas City’s Entrepreneur of the Year by maybe drinking too much and finding the wrong guy… the next, she’s carrying a secret and every male bear shifter in three states is after her. She’s on the run, forced to leave her thriving jewelry business behind for the wild Colorado mountains.

She has no choice but to accept help from the alpha mountain man grizzly shifter who offers protection, free of charge. He’s sexy. Tormented. Maybe a little gruff. But any man who sings to his hives of honeybees can’t be that intimidating, right?

Until he turns those dark, hungry eyes on her, and Cara knows she’s going to have to repay his kindness. And… probably not with one of her award-winning necklaces.

Jett Mitchell had a family once. They’re gone, and so is his tolerance for anyone outside his mountain. He’s content living alone on his organic farm, raising honeybees. When the sexy little human shows up with her surprise baby bump, his protective instincts go into overdrive. He should turn her away. He shouldn’t want to keep her safely tucked away in his mountain home. Or watch her belly grow. Or long for things he can never have again. Bear shifters don’t get a second chance fated mate. He can’t keep her…

But he’ll be her bear shifter protector until it’s time to let her go.

And heaven help any other male who gets in his way.
I've been really enjoying this series. Sweeter Than Honey is the second book in the Estes Park Shifter series. The story is fast paced and easy to read. I enjoyed how she put a woman on the run with a bear shifter who doesn't want anyone around him. With good reason but still, he wants to be alone. He doesn't even always want to visit family. 

You feel for Cara. All she did was have a good time and it ended up being a night that would give her a gift and the most terror she felt in her life. Poor Cara is running for her life and has no one to help her until she meets Jett. 

Poor, poor Jett. You won't be able to not feel for him. He's lost so much and can't seem to pull himself out of the funk he's in. At times I understood how he felt and then other times I was like, enough! He will never get over or forget the family he lost but he needed to move on. I'm sure his family wouldn't want him to suffer like this. 

The best thing that happened to both Cara and Jett is Cara and Jett. They both needed each other and just didn't know what they were missing until they finally figured it out. Jett took a bit longer to get his head straightened out, but it did finally happen. 

This is a wonderful story that moves quickly and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I love meeting and getting to know Jett's family better. 



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