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Cliffhangers in Books

 How do you feel about them?
I don't if I can help it read them. I'm not a fan. I want to read the story as a whole. I don't even like when you get those chapters books one chapter at a time. I want to read a story at my speed and when I'm done, I'm done and want to move on to new characters. 

Will you knowingly read them?
I won't. They don't make me happy, and I read romance to feel happy. I don't even usually like to read main characters in multiple books and the only one I will read is J. D. Robb. But each of her stories end by the end of the book. 

Do you have a favorite author that writes this type of story?
I don't. 


  1. It depends. If its like a duet or trilogy, I will just wait until all books are available and then read them together as if its one big book lol But if I have to wait on books for it then I just wait till all books are available.

    1. Waiting is the best idea. That way you don't feel like it's a cliffhanger.

  2. If I know there's a cliffhanger because the author has said so in the blurb and then I know that I need to buy the entire trilogy or however many books it is but usually a trilogy then I might read it if it's an author that I like. But if there's nothing in the blurb about a cliffhanger and I read an entire book and get to a cliffhanger ending you can bet your bottom dollar that I probably will not read that author again. Because if they'll do it one time they'll do it another and I'm not going to take a chance on being mad and disappointed at the end of a book.

    1. I like a heads up before I start too. Otherwise, I feel cheated in some way. Like I was owed more but got less.


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