Reading Challenge for 2023

Maggie isn’t looking for anything other than a fresh start in a new town after a messy divorce from her cheating husband. Until she meets Quincy, a man who offers her love and loyalty.
But she’s heard that before.
However, Quincy soon convinces Maggie he is the one for her. More importantly, he is the father her son deserves.
But when her ex-husband arrives in Bear Creek, she’s left questioning Quincy’s actions.

He’s spent his life building a business empire so that he could give his mate the life she deserves.
Only his mate never appeared.
As the years passed by his gray hairs appeared at his temples, he’d given up on ever meeting his mate.
But when he’s called home to Bear Creek, he finds Maggie and her adorable son at his house.
He knows she’s been hurt before. Can Quincy prove to her that he is the one she can trust in?
The one who will never let her down.

However, when her ex-husband starts meddling in their relationship, Quincy is worried he might be about to experience the midlife crisis from hell – losing his mate.
I always love trying new authors. Give me a bear shifter on top of that and I'm a happy camper. It's a party when you throw in a small-town. As with many shifter stories you have the instant attraction when they find their mate. I don't often like instant love but with shifters I really don't mind it. I'm not saying that I don't want them to work through things and learn to come together as a couple but I'm also no upset knowing they we be together. 

You'll love Maggie's son. He's such a sweet boy that you'll want to hug and protect. I understand why when Maggie learns that she's the mate of Quincy that she doesn't jump into it. She's already been hurt by her ex-husband and doesn't want to do anything that could upset her son. Or break her heart again. 

You can't help but be happy for Quincy finding his mate. The weird part is that through reading PNR we've learned that it's not easy to find a mate but also learn that every friend of the hero/heroine will find theirs too. Crazy right? Ha! 

Quincy knows right away that he's Maggie's mate but understands that she's not comfortable with all the rushing into part and does his best to take it slow. When he thinks her sons, father wants to spend time with him he makes sure to back off and let them have their own time. He's truly a great guy. 

As a family they all work together. You can see that Quincy will do anything he has to for his new family, and you'll feel his love. I also enjoyed the relationship he has with his friends. This story makes you want to learn more and enjoy their stories too. After reading Maid for the Bear, I was happy to find a new to me author. 


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