ARC Review: The Summer of Second Chances by Miranda Liasson

Darla Manning has survived cancer so she can survive anything--including having to work closely with her ex-husband to help their best friends have an amazing summer wedding in their quaint Victorian beach town. Her cancer is cured, but what remains is a lifetime of tests and follow-ups. While Darla has survived, she's not truly living. Nick Cammareri knows he failed Darla in their marriage, but now he wants to show Darla that he'll be there for her no matter what. And the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that he wants Darla in his life for keeps. As they enjoy another couple's wedding festivities, he decides to remind her of their own love story and show her that, this time, he's here to stay. But when Darla has a test scare and other secrets come out, will she only push Nick away again, or can she leave all her fears behind and live life to the fullest?
Let's start off this review with some love for the cover art. I just love this cover. It is telling me to move to the beach and I'm not a water baby. 

Since we've known who this story was going to be about and we've meet them and have a bit of their story from the prior books there is no surprise that we are going to have a couple fall in love, again. The title kind of gave it away. 

Even though we already have a clue about where the story is going, we don't mind because we already love the characters. Darla is a fighter. She has survived cancer and come out the other end with a pretty good life. Her only really big issue right now is trying to get away from an ex-husband that she's really in love with still but won't admit it. Even to herself. 

I really like Darla, but I worried that the story was going to be about her over and over explaining how she's leaving. And yes you have some of that but you also get to watch these two fall in love all over again. 

I'm glad that Nick has grown and finally become a man that Darla could love and want to be with. You get peeks of his love and maturity when you hear about him being there for Darla even though they are no longer together. We all need to time to grow and become the person we should be. 

This is a good story and I really enjoyed their love. It's the perfect ending for them. The story is full of all the emotions you want in your romance. Yes this can be read as a standalone, but I will say I feel that the story would be better for the bits you get from the prior books. Plus you'll love these friends. 


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