ARC Review: How to Con a Crime Boss by Cynthia Eden

His life is in her hands.

Seth Wellington needs protection, but he never expects for that protection to arrive in the ever-so-sexy form of Harley Adaire. Their initial meeting is electric, and each time that he is around the deceptively delicate Wilde agent, his attraction to her grows. But this isn’t the time for Seth to be falling for someone. The world thinks he’s a master criminal. Just because his father maybe, sorta, okay, yes, was a master criminal. Now the FBI wants Seth to take over his father’s organization. The Feds want him to work undercover and bring down some very, very bad people.

The problem is that those bad people want to destroy him.

So in strolls Harley. A woman with a thirst for adventure, a smile meant to tempt, and a body that will rule his fantasies for years. She can be his bodyguard and his partner. She’ll stay by his side, and they’ll trip up the criminals surrounding them. Sounds easy. But…it isn’t. Because Seth has to pretend to be someone completely different. Someone dark and dangerous, and the more he pretends, the more he starts to lose sight of his real self.

And the more he wants her.

Possessive, passionate, deadly—that’s the man Seth has to be. Only when he’s with Harley, the possessiveness and the passion are all too real. Too bad they are surrounded by criminals who are hell bent on wrecking Seth’s world. The danger is mounting, the desire Seth feels for Harley is raging out of control, and, unfortunately, the body count may be starting to rise.

Because when you try to con a crime boss, you’re playing a very, very dangerous game…

Step Show no fear.
Step Prepare to fight dirty.
Step Become the man everyone fears. Everyone, but her…

A man isn’t supposed to get territorial when it comes to his bodyguard, but Harley is no ordinary bodyguard. She’s the woman who is quickly coming to obsess Seth. In this new, dark world around him, she’s also the only person he trusts. Now, if they can just stay alive and bring down the bad guys, maybe he can get his bodyguard to fall for him. Maybe.
I have to say that this has to be one of my favorite books of hers. I think what I loved so much about it is that the heroine is the tough one in the story. Yes, she's had other women who could take care of themselves but there is something about Harley that makes you know she's a take charge kind of women. 

Plus, she made me laugh. 

Not that Seth really needs someone to protect him. He's trained as well as any military person. Maybe more. 

These two together is so special. I really like them as a couple. You feel the love coming off the pages. She can't be conned by him either. She knows when he's trying so hard to protect her. 

You'll also love the action in the story. You never know if what's being said is true or not. I worried for them so much. We are left often wondering who is good and who isn't. So many surprises. Plus, characters you want to know more about. 

I really think you'll enjoy this wonderful story. As the twists and turns happen, you'll be so glad you're along for the ride. I know I was. I will mention that for me reading the prior book help make this one better. You don't have to, but both these characters are in the prior book. 


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