My Week

A bit on how my week went

I've been doing some rereading this week. May is always my planting/setting up outside stuff so I do have a much time to read. It's been a long month and we got a ton done around the house so rereading just worked for me. Plus don't forget the read along I'm doing for Lora Leigh's Breeds. 

My Blog
I feel behind a lot in May with all I was doing but I've already set up a bunch of posts so it looks like I'm back in business. I also had to have my computer looked at and it's running better, plus we got a new internet service which I'm grateful for. It' works so much better. 

I've been getting caught up on some shows. I was happy that Master Chef is back but so is Dead Files. Love them both. With it being close to summer I also pick a show to binge and this summer I picked and already started Love it or List it and I have to say that most of the people are horrible. It all has to be stage otherwise I don't know how they can find so many crappy people. I keep waiting for them to get better but they don't They want their whole house done to the way that want it with very little money. If you haven't seen it then I must add that the houses are older. We all know what that means, issues. I will give it a bit more time and see if it gets better. Knowing me I won't be able to spot until I've watched all the episodes.

It's been a lazy week for food. I've done a lot of picking up and easy meals. We've been busy. If you have any food ideas, I'd love to hear about them. 

The Weekend
Not much going on this weekend. Before the day gets hots, we'll take the dog to the forest preserve to run and get rid of sone of his energy. He's so funny, when he's done, he leads up to the car. Doesn't matter if it's been only 20 minutes or an hour when he's done, we are out. I have old kitchen cabinets that we painted the outside now I'm doing the insides one at a time so maybe we'll do that. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?



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