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Do you hold back books to read in the summer
I don't. I read all the time. If I was a vacation reader I might but since I'm not it doesn't make sense to do so. Most of the time I read what's calling to me. The only books that I read at a certain time are ARC's.

Do you read more in the summer
I don't think so. There are times when I read less than normal. I read less during the holidays because I'm a fool for them. Love decorating and celebrating them from Halloween to Christmas. I also read less in May. That's when I get the house ready for summer. I plant my garden and bring out my summer decor. I have this cute little door that I lean against the base of my tree that my nephew thinks the fairies come out of. 

Anything you are looking forward to reading this summer
I do have a few things I can't wait to read. I have one more book in Jaci Burton's Hope series before I get back and finish her Play-by-Play series. She's my catch-up author to read this summer. I have a few new books I can't wait to read. 
Second Chance at the Orchard Inn by Heather McGovern
A Wedding Changes Everything by Isabelle Grace
Summer of Second Chances by Miranda Liasson 

I'm sure there will be more. Here's just a few off the top of my head. 


  1. I read year round normally the same. Although Christmas time is a bit more busy so I don't always get to read as much as I would like to. But ironically summer months I tend to read a bit more than normal. Not sure why haha maybe thats when all the good releases happen I am not sure. But my numbers in the summer always tend to be 10 books higher than average. Weird I know. Maybe because its the one time a year I don't go outside as the heat makes me sick. Hope you have a great summer reading this year!

    1. You are a pro at reading. I wish I could read faster but it's my own fault.


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