ARC Review: Make Me Yours, Cowboy by Dylann Crush

Knox Shepler is a country superstar in his prime, but each release takes him further away from the classic country of his roots. His agent suggests a compromise: if Knox writes another pop-crossover album, he can cut a single playing the music he's passionate about. Paparazzi make inspiration hard to find on the road, so Knox heads to Paradise Island, posing as a contractor to hide his true identity.

Claudia Alvarez went viral several years ago for all the wrong reasons. Since then, she's been keeping a low profile by working at A Cowboy in Paradise. The bar's finances aren't what they used to be, so in order to save the only place she feels safe, Claudia proposes renovating the bungalows on the property to generate extra income.

When Knox and Claudia are forced to work together, he finds inspiration and she discovers it might be time to open her heart. But as the truth surfaces, Claudia must decide if she can face her fears for a chance at the love of a lifetime.
I'm so very happy that I found this author. I've been really enjoying her books. Make Me Yours, Cowboy is the second book in her Cowboys in Paradise series. I really enjoyed the first one and also had fun reading this one.

You'll really enjoy both Knox and Claudia. Both might be hiding out for their own personal reason but when it comes to being together their realities take a backseat. I think it was because of the fact that they are on a island together. 

I will say that musicians are not my go to heroes. I'm not sure why. Weirdly I'd rather have a UPS driver be a hero than a rockstar. Saying that I still liked the story even with that fact going against it. I enjoyed being with them as they worked out all the things they needed to clear up. 

You can tell that they work together as a couple even if they don't see it right away. I think sometimes you think live should go one way when it goes whatever way it wants to. I really liked that Claudia became his muse. It was a great way for them to start getting close. This is a perfect summer read. 


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