Reading Challenge 2023

She’d been the girl he’d always loved.

Until she married his best friend.

Now Crystal Stoker was a widowed single mom and Luke Stirling was trying his best to avoid her. That was proving impossible in their small town, especially when Luke learned her young son needed help that only he could provide. The injured marine was just looking for a little peace and quiet—not expecting any second chances, especially ones he didn’t dare accept.
I have been really enjoying this series. I loved the first two books and really hope we get more from this series. You can't help but feel bad for Luke. The woman he loves is the widow of his best friend. He does all he can to not be around her because of this. Only to realize how much her and her son needs him and that his guilt is what's keeping him away. 

From the beginning I really liked Luke. I got that he had issues, and I was hoping that he'd be able to work through them. Because of those emotions this book tugged at my heartstrings more than once. 

You'll also feel for Crystal and her son. They both are going to so much and with Jack having issues with dyslexia and the death of his dad it just makes for a storm. She does all she can to help her son get through it all, but she is hanging by a thread herself. 

Luke learns about what is going on and does his best to help Jack with his dyslexia which he also suffers from. Doing this helps both Jack and Luke heal some. Luke learns to handle his guilt and realizes he doesn't really have to shoulder it.  He also learns that it's okay to share that he loves Crystal. 

I enjoyed watching their love grow and them all becoming a family. This is a sweet, emotional story that will keep you reading. 


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