My Week

A bit on how my week went

I've been working on catching up on a few series that I'm behind on. I also read the first book for our Breed read along. If you're not part of that and you love Lora Leighs Breeds then you should join us. Or if you've been waiting for an excuse to try them. Here it is. I also started to reread Shelly Laurenston and Julie Garwood's historicals. It's been a good reading week.

My Blog
I was so happy that I got all my posts published for the week. I reviewed a book that I was so happy to finally have. It's the Kimberly Dean. I set up a few posts for next week and as always I've been thinking of some themes that will go with my Let Me Ask You This and Let's Talk About. If you even have a topic for either that you think would work share it with me. 

I've been catching up on shows because summer is coming so I know they will be done till fall. I have let some of my shows build up so I can binge watch them. I enjoy when I can watch a few episodes at a time. I saw that the Food Network has a new baking show next week so you know me I'm on it. 

I have been so lazy this past week. It was my daughter bday so I made her tuna casserole. She loves it so that's what she got. I made what my grandmother called messy spaghetti with is really just spaghetti. This weekend is going to suck. I have no ideas. Oh, I did make peach cobbler for my daughter too. It's one of her favorites. 

The Weekend
On Friday night (Cinco de Mayo) my sister and her husband came over with margaritas, salsa and guacamole. Happily I really enjoyed the margaritas. They are my jam so I kinda drank a lot of them. Not sure how I'm up and moving this morning but guess what, I am. We don't have any of plans for the weekend. I do have to run to the store for a few things. Nothing exciting. I did go to a church garage sale and found this cute oil lamp that will look so good for my Christmas decor. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. No plans. We had a quiet weekend so far. I've been watching Star Trek Picard.


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