ARC Review: The Little Bookstore on Heart Lake Lane by Sarah Robinson

As chaotic as it gets, Rosie Dean loves her unruly life. But between raising twins alone, running her struggling bookshop, and secretly writing a parenting advice column, the single mom can’t think about dating. At least that’s what she tells herself...until her high school crush (and his incredible blue eyes) return to Heart Lake for the summer. Even though Evan has grown into a huge grump, he’s still a super sexy one, and sparks begin to fly...

Single dad and widower Evan Mills is used to hearing he’s too serious—even grouchy! But with a grieving tween daughter to raise on his own, the graphic designer is just trying to stay strong for her. He hopes a few weeks at the lake will be the fresh start they both need. But Evan never anticipated reconnecting with Rosie, or that she could make him feel whole again...if he’d give her the chance. Will one steamy summer with Rosie be long enough to melt Evan’s heart?
I enjoyed The Little Bookstore on Heart Lake Lane much more than I did the first book in the series, Dreaming of a Heart Lake Christmas. Where the heroine in the first book wasn't my favorite, I didn't hate the story. Here I enjoyed all the characters but just felt at times the story dragged a bit. The Little Bookstore on Heart Lake Lane is a sweet story that you won't have issues getting into. I did enjoy the characters and liked them enough that I wanted to know more about them. 

You do feel very bad for Evan. You can feel his pain in losing his wife. I felt for him on how he worried about raising his daughter and doing everything right. At times he was trying so hard to do it all the right way that he forgot to stop and live life. Maybe share some moments with his daughter. When he finally did that, you saw the love between them. He deserved to live a little. 

I did like how the baggage that we carry from our childhoods can surprise us when our parents flip the script when it comes to their grandchildren. It just shows that being a parent is hard and we all grow. 

I was a bit surprised that Evan wanted to go back to his were it's only himself and his daughter. Taking her away from his parents. With is father being ill you'd think he'd really want to spend as much time with them and help his mother out. The author seems to send a bit of time with the characters always trying to get away from their hometown. 

I really enjoyed Rosie. She's a hard-working mom who does all she can for her kids. She tries to not count on anyone even when she really should. I love her as a parent, but I think that at times her need to stand on her own two feet keep her from really enjoying all that life can offer you. 

As a whole this is a good story that I didn't mind reading and I will read the next one in the series because I need to know what happens next. All you really want in a series. I think the standout stars in this story is the kids. Both their daughters viewed life with very mature eyes. 


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