ARC Review: Dream Rider by Kimberly Dean

As a Dream Weaver, Zane Oneiros isn’t supposed to hitch rides on the dreams of his charges, but he can’t help himself when the dreamer is Emily Hutchins.

In the waking world, Emily is his work friend. Beautiful, conscientious, and prompt.

Zane is known for being brash, fun-loving... and a bit too reckless with the powers handed down to him from the Greek gods of ancient past....

Could an introvert extrovert romance even work?

All Zane wants to know is if Emily thinks about him while she sleeps…
if there’s any hope for friends to become lovers…
or if he’ll be stuck in the work friend zone forever.

Yet when he and Emily start sharing dreams—and a kiss—the entire daytime world flips upside down.
Sweet, strict Emily is suddenly adventurous, and in more ways than one.

Happy as Zane is about the change in their relationship, he worries that he’s meddled where he shouldn’t.
For Emily isn’t sleeping well, and her behavior is spiraling out of control.

Soon Zane is battling to get the old Emily back and make their dreams turn real, not the nightmares.
I can't believe we finally got an new stop in Kimberly Dean's Dream Weaver series. I can still remember when they first came out in 2008. I so loved the idea of this series and the characters in it. After two books we didn't get more. Sadly, this happens so I just moved on. 

When I saw Dream Rider up to read as an ARC I couldn't stop the happy dance from happening. I quickly downloaded it and couldn't wait to read it. The funny thing is that after doing so I was gun shy about doing so. Not sure why. Maybe I was worried about it not being as good or that I had just moved on from the series. 

Happily, neither was true. I fell into the story and was lost in no time. It did take a minute to remember the general series storyline (I really should have reread the first two) but once I did, I just plowed through it. 

I was so happy that the characters I loved were still there. The writing was the same and it wasn't long before I remembered why I liked this series so much. 

The whole idea of the series is one I really love. This family's ability to help us dream is such a great storyline. I also like how she mentioned other types of supernatural beings. So that caused trouble and others whose job it is to help us sleep. 

You'll really love both Zane and Emily. I really liked how Zane so liked her and didn't know how to deal with that. He tried to play it cool, but you got to see really what she meant to him. Emily is no better she loves and wants him but is afraid to show it. 

Not only did I enjoy Emily and Zane's relationship, but I also really enjoyed Zane's relationship with his brothers. Together they are funny and sweet. As a whole the story moved quickly and gave you characters that you'll love to read about. After reading Dream Weaver I really hope we'll be getting more in this series. 


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