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I hate when this happens. It really pisses me off. I get so involved in the characters life and then not to learn what happens to them is rough. You feel like something is missing. Especially when you hear nothing from the publisher or author. 

Have you stopped reading an author who's done this before for fear it could happen again

To be honest it's only happened one time where the author just dropped the series and kept writing different series or just books itself. I usually just lose the author themselves. They just stop writing without a word on what's going on. This makes me so madder than anything. I'm not in the need to have some long explanation, just a quick word about at this moment they aren't writing anymore. 

Which series has this happened to you

The one that pisses me off the most is Christine Warren. I loved her Alphaville series only to be left hanging. No word about why we haven't gotten the next book for years. Then another one that hurst is Celia Kyle's Shifter Rogues. I love the books I read then nothing. So many characters left hanging. I also had this happen with Liza Kendall. She has a series called Silverlake Ranch with was just dropped and we've heard nothing about for almost three years. I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!!!


  1. Yeah I don't like this at all. The most recent one for me was the Gods of War series by Gena Showalter, and the last book she wrote for it ended with a serial cliffhanger so that made it even worse and is writing other things so its not the case of her not writing anymore. I don't understand authors that do this.


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