ARC Review: How to Heal a Heartbreaker by Cynthia Eden

He’s never run from a fight, and he’s not about to start now.

Holden Blackwell, former MMA fighter and current all-around problem solver for the rich and famous, never expects for his ex to appear in his office, asking for his help. Sure, Claudia Fairmont haunts his dreams—and his waking hours—but she hates him, with good reason. Once upon a time, she swore that he’d be the last man she ever needed.

Unfortunately, he’s the only one who can help her now.

The fighter with the tats and muscles for days broke her heart. Crushed it in his powerful fist. She’d vowed never to go back to him, but, now she has no choice. Danger is stalking her. And if there is one thing that Holden can handle? It’s danger. After all, he was the one person who always made her feel safe. She could very much use some safety in the madness of her life. But safety comes with a heavy price.

Temptation. Secrets. And a second chance?

To unmask the threat, Holden has to slip into Claudia’s life and stay intimately close. Luckily, he has the perfect plan already in mind. They’ll pretend to be reunited lovers. He’ll act as if he wants her desperately. That he can’t live without her any longer…A situation that is not far from reality. Because while he’s more than ready to eliminate any and every threat to her, Holden also has plans of his own. An agenda that is long, long overdue.
As you know I just love Cynthia Eden's books. Her characters are some of my favorites. With this new series we are getting a bunch of wonderful stories. 

I can't tell you enough about how much I enjoyed this story. From the beginning you can see that these two people want the same thing but don't know how to get it. Sadly, like most people talking about it never dawned on them. 

When Claudia is in danger, she goes to the one person that she can count on (at least to protect her body) her heart is another thing all together. Being her ex makes it a little hard to be around him but she doesn't have much of a choice. 

At times I wondered why she went to him. She kind of didn't believe her life was in danger or at least kept doubting it. You'll want to shake her. Now Holden believed from the beginning that she was in danger and would do anything to protect her, even from herself. 

As a couple these two works together. They might not see it right away, but you do. Many times throughout the story I wanted to yell and say enough! You both love each other!!! But you know how it is they had to find out for themselves. 

As wonderful as the story is I missed the humor that's usually in her stories. Yes, there are times between Holden and Cooper that you get a chuckle but as a whole this one had less. Still a great story and one that you'll want to read. You don't have to read the series that's connected to this one to enjoy it but I would go back to the prior one if you want to read some good stories. 


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