Reading Challenge 2023

Single mom Hayley Parker has always had to face every parenting challenge on her own — but when her five-year-old son unexpectedly turns into a lion cub, she finds herself with more than she can handle. With her little boy stuck up a tree and yowling for help, the only thing she can think to do is call the fire department…

Ex-firefighter Griffin MacCormick has the heart of a lion and the eyes of an eagle — literally. As a unique shifter with two inner animals, his battling beasts are slowly tearing his body and soul apart. Forced to retire from the elite all-shifter Alpha Team by his degenerative condition, he struggles to be content working as a dispatcher… until one day he takes a call that will change his life.

When Griff meets Hayley, both his lion and his eagle instantly recognize her as their one true mate. But how can he ask Hayley to risk her heart on a dying man, when she’s already been abandoned once in the past? And when Hayley’s arrogant lion shifter ex unexpectedly reappears on the scene with a horrifying demand, how can Griff protect his mate and her cub?
I was going through my kindle looking for something to read and found this one and thought it would be perfect for my new author pick on the reading challenge. Sadly, it wasn't till I already started it that that I figured out that it wasn't the first book in the series. I hate when that happens but I was already in so I kept going.

So glad I did. I really enjoyed this story. It starts off pretty humorously with a poor mom not sure what to do when her son turns into a lion. Right away you fall in love with Griffin. You so badly want everything to be okay with him and worry that it won't be. I found myself holding my breath more than once.

I also really like Hayley. She's such a great mom who will face anything for her son. You'll love how she worries about her son and wants to learn whatever she needs to so that she can keep him safe. 

For the most part this is quick reading story. I was sure it was less pages when I read it only to figure out that I was so into it that time passed. After reading the story I will for sure be reading more in the series. You'll love all the rest of the characters and want their stories. 

My favorite part is right round the end of the story. I loved to share why but I can't give it away. I will admit that I wish I started the series in the beginning. Not that this story felt lacking but because I really want the others stories so I'll have to go back. 


  1. sometimes the best experience is just doing a random pick up of a read. You definitely have me intrigued by this one. Love a story that starts off with great humor.


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