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This year I want to do a new post on Fridays where we can discuss a particular book, author, or anything I can come up with. This week I talked about Catherine Coulter's Historical romances. I hope you'll share your thoughts.

Have you ever read her historical books
I've read them all. I loved reading her historical's and sometimes reread them again. I truly miss her writing them. I think may of her books I've read more than once. I really fell for her humor. I know it's not for everyone but for me it works.

Do you feel that the writing is to dated to try
What I mean is that when these books were written we didn't think about what is right and wrong to write/read. A hero raping a women would be thought of as something done back then. Now we don't want to read about stuff like that. 

If you read her, do you have a favorite
I have many favorites. But the one that's on the top would have to be The Sherbrooke Bride which was published in 1/1/92. I love this one. It's funny and sweet and is the start of a great series. I might have to read it again. 

What about you?


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