ARC Review: A Summer Changes Everything by Isabelle Grace

When his wife died, so did Reese’s desire to ever love again. Well, until that one summer.

Widowed horse and cattle farmer Reese Blackwood does not need a keeper. Not for himself or his two sons. They can manage just fine on their own. At least that’s what he keeps telling everybody, especially himself.

Elementary school teacher Shelby Corbett is no pushover. Just ask anyone who observes how she successfully handles a classroom full of children the same ages as Reese’s every day. So, spending her summer break looking after two energetic boys is totally in her wheelhouse.

Which shocks Reese completely.

That’s only the first surprise, though. The second is the undeniable attraction that sparks to life between them. One that’s totally unexpected but becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. The more Shelby helps Reese reconnect with his sons, the more light she shines into his dark and lonely world, bringing hope back into his broken and grieving heart.

Hope that Reese fears will be lost again when Shelby’s six-week stay at Lone Oaks is over. Unless he’s willing to risk everything by asking her to stay.
I've been really enjoying this series. We have one more brother to go and I will share with you that I can't wait. I think there is more to him then we all thought. I can't wait. But until then let's talk about A Summer Changes Everything. 

I really thought that this would have been the last of the brother's stories because of how hurt he is with the loss of his wife. He has shut off himself from his family and children. All he does is work and sleep. Saying that I'm glad that we got his story now. You know that whoever shocks Reese's heart out of the deep freeze is going to be a great person. 

The story line of this story isn't a new one but one that explains the reason of these two being in so close proximity. As much as I missed his parents and grandparents in this story them not being in it works best for the story. 

Shelby is just the sweetest thing. Right away you like her, and I think in part that is because the boys warm up to her right away. She treats them well and showers them with her time and that makes them happy. I love seeing them happy. It's fun how she is with them. They like her and she really likes them too. 

Reese is not an easy guy to like. Yes, you feel bad for him for what he's gone through, but you don't really get to know him in the prior books. He's so closed off that there is a kind of disconnect between him and everyone else. With him it was like a butterfly coming out of his cocoon. He slowly figured out that it was okay to live. 

It might have not been an unemotional road, but it was one worth the feelings. The story turned out to be the best so far. I think we just all wanted to see Reese happy again. Now him and his boys can move forward knowing that their mom/wife is happy that they will be happy. 

This was once published under the title Reese's Long Hot Summer. 


  1. This sounds like such a great summer read! I am glad that you ended up loving it so much there. Glad it was the best of the series, love it when that happens especially with a more closed off character. Lovely review!


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