ARC Review: Max Wilde's Cowboy Heart by Jennifer Ryan

Max Wilde lived up to his last name and then some. Years ago, he fell hard and fast for Kenna Baker, thinking they had a love that would last for all time. When a horrible misunderstanding drove them apart, Max thought his chance to find the kind of love his brothers have is gone forever. He changed his bad boy ways, but he never got over the one who got away.

Now, their lives have collided once again, as Kenna is the only witness to a murder and needs a place to hide while in protective custody. Max is determined to keep her safe on the ranch, and also maintain an emotional distance, but as they spend more time together, the lies and half-truths that once drove them apart are also uncovered, bringing them closer than ever.

Kenna has always laid claim to Max’s heart—and soul—but will he be able to save her...and their love...before it’s too late.
If you follow me then you know that I'm not a huge fan of second, chances romances. Well, unless they are kids and break up then. They haven't yet had a chance to grow and enjoy anything in life. So getting back together is okay with me. But breaking up because of a misunderstanding I hate. Of course, I love books by Jennifer Ryan, so I was willing to read it. 

I'm so glad I did. Do I feel like they broke up because of a stupid reason? Yes! A hundred times yes. These two cares so much about each other that they really aren't moving on. Oh, they play at life without really living. It' what makes their who situation so sad. 

I have to tell you that I really liked Max. His family has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of the series. They all went through some crap and came out the other side. I've enjoyed reading about them and seeing how their lives have changed. Because Max's story was last all the family members (including their father) has grown. The only person who was still locked away since the beginning of the series is Max. It's time for his demons to go and him to be happy. 

I also really enjoyed Kenna and didn't really blame her for her reaction to what happened. What I did blame her for was not talking about it with Max when she realized what was going on. Of course, if she did there would be no book, so I guess things worked out for the best. Plus, they were able to grow a bit and experience life. 

When Kenna needed him, Max was there for her even when he didn't want to be. It's not that he wanted anything to happen to her it was only that being so close to her was killing him. Max and Kenna both are the sweetest people who really do care about each other. 

There are moments in this book that I wanted to scream at them to get their acts together. And then other times when I found myself tearing up. That's what I love about reading books by Jennifer Ryan, she always makes me feel something. 

If you haven't yet read this series, then you are missing out. Start it in the beginning and enjoy. In fact, start it from the series right before it so you can see how this one all starts. Both series is perfect for a summer read. 


  1. I do like a good second chance romance. This sounds like a good one.


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