ARC Review: The Good Luck Cafe by Annie Rains

Moira Green is perfectly content with her life. She has a rewarding career and plenty of wonderful friends, including the members of her weekly book club. Then everything in her life goes topsy-turvy when the town council plans to demolish the site of her mother’s beloved café to make room for much-needed parking. Moira is determined to save her mother’s business, so she swallows her pride and asks Gil Ryan for help.

Moira and Somerset Lake’s mayor were good friends once, the kind who could laugh at everything and nothing at all. Until one night changed everything between them. And now, with Gil supporting the council’s plans, Moira is forced to find another way to save Sweetie’s—and it involves campaigning against Gil. Going head-to-head in a battle of wills reveals more than either of them are ready for, and as the election heats up, so does their attraction. But without a compromise in sight, can these two be headed for anything but disaster?
I've really been wondering what was up with these two. It really seemed that Moira had something against Gil that only she knew about. Which it turns out to be true. No one new why she was upset with him other than herself. Even Gil was in the dark. 

So why? I'll let you find that out by reading the story. I will say that I can understand a bit about why she felt the way she did, but she really needed to share her story to really be whole. 

I really loved Gil. He is the sweetest, most caring person who really loves his job working to help improve the town Somerset Lake. He's also the best brother. I love the relationship between himself and his brother. 

I also enjoyed Moira. At times she really made me wonder why she does the thing does but after a while I kind of understood. I was so happy that she finally listened to her mother and really heard her. Sometimes we have trouble getting out of our own ways. 

As a pair they really work. Moira needs someone who is thoughtful and caring and knows when to step back and give her a second to figure out what needs to be done. For their romance I didn't find the hot passion of other couples but the dance they did was no less romantic. 

Moira and Gil fit in a way that makes you wonder why they waited so long. Of course, you quickly find out why. You'll love how they thought they were hiding their relationship from the town yet almost the whole town knew how they felt. 

As a whole this story worked for them. My only wish is that you felt more heat between them. Their friendship and love for each other shines through but you don't get any really sexy deep feelings from them. With saying that you will still really enjoy their story and the time you get to visit with the people of Somerset Lake.


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