My Week

Here's a bit on how my week went

I've been enjoying some new authors. I've been hoping for someone that rocks my world so much that I want to read all the books in their series without stopping. Hasn't happened yet. I did read Cynthia Eden and reviewed it. I really enjoyed it. I often love her books. Great male characters. Next month I have a bunch of ARC's that I need to read and review. 

My Blog
Nothing new happening on the blog other than what I've been posting. I'm seeing more arc's that I want to read and review so that's good. I'm also trying to come up with ideas for my Let's Talk About post that I do on Fridays. I like to have a full month of ideas so that I don't feel rushed to come up with something to talk about. 

Pretty much the same as last week. I did really enjoy this week's Chicago PD. It was well-acted and written. I have been catching up on some of my DVR so I'm happy about that and I keep waiting for all my favorite shows on Britbox and Acorn to come on. What can I say I'm a TV whore. Anything you're watching that I should check out?

This week I made chile again. It's gotten cold again so It sounded good to me. I went grocery shopping on Friday. Sadly I went while hungry so my bill was huge. Hungry shopping isn't a good thing. Nothing new for food. I need to try some new recipes. I might do some baking on Sunday so next week's post should have something new. 

The Weekend
I'm going to have a semi-lazy weekend. I've promised we wouldn't do any more redecorating on the house until March so I'm really happy. I have some baseboards that really need painting. On Sunday I'm thinking of adding my spring and Easter decor. Or I should say I would start it. It usually takes me a bit of time to figure out where I want things to go. Do you decorate for spring?  

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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