My Week

Here's a bit on how my week went

I've been having a bit of trouble getting into anyone lately so I decided to pull out a series from 2002 and reread it. The good part is that I remember enough fondly to enjoy it but not enough to be bored. I'm reading Blueberry Hill by Marica Evanick. I will be reviewing this whole series soon. 

My Blog
I had to do my first end-of-the-month post. Holy cow it was a pain to do. So much info to go into it. I wanted to make sure I hit all the highlights. As you can see the blog is going well. I'm hoping that this year it's more active. 

I started watching the show on HGTV called Rico to the Rescue. I'm only a few episodes in but I'm enjoying it. I can't believe how many people get taken advantage of by those who are supposed to be professionals. When you get paid to do a job, do it! I also mentioned last week that we were going to watch Violent Night and I'd let you know what I thought of it. Well, I have to say that if you aren't into blood and guts and killing for the sake of killing it isn't your kind of show. I on the other hand loved it. I have enough heart to make a great ending. The humor in the movie is great. I totally loved it and want them to make a Violent Night 2! 

This week I made blueberry scones. I love scones. They always make for a good treat. Other than the scones I didn't make anything new or exciting. Hopefully next week I can come up with something new. 

The Weekend
I have no plans this weekend. I plan to read and work on setting up some posts for the blog and coming up with next week's themes and ideas. I also need to find some new books to read. It's looking like a lazy weekend. Love those. 

How was your week? Any weekend plans?


  1. I've never made scones before. You should post the recipe you used.

  2. I can't remember the last time I had scones but sounds delicious! All my wrap up posts whether its the weekly or the monthly takes a bit of time lol


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