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This year I want to do a new post on Fridays where we can discuss a particular book, author, or anything I can come up with. This week I talked about 5-star reviews. I hope to hear your thoughts.

5 Star Reviews
For me, 5-star reviews are for that book that blows you out of the water. It's for that one book that is better than all the others you might have read in the last few days. I don't think it's for every book and I don't think that books that aren't 5 stars are necessarily bad. More often than not I rate books I really enjoy 4 stars. The ones that are good but not great are 3 anything less and I had some issues. 5 stars are only for the best of the best for me. 

Do You Like Stars on Reviews
As a reader or reviewer, I'm not a fan. I see so many reviews on Goodreads that just give you stars with no explanation of what was good and what is bad. It's lazy reviewing in a way and maybe why I don't care for them. I don't need a book for a review but I want to get a feel for what the reader/reviewer thought. If I had my way there wouldn't be any stars just a written review. 

Are 5-star reviews real or to get noticed
I often wonder when I see either a bunch of 5-star reviews on one book or when a reviewer/reader always gives them out. This is why I like the written word. I'm not always sure I can trust stars. I review for some authors and yes I've given some of their books 5 stars but like I mentioned I don't do it often. Sadly because of that I already know that my review won't be mentioned in their newsletter. I always only see 5-star reviews. If you give many of the books 5 stars then what happens when you get that one that takes your breath away. Again, I want to mention I really enjoy most of what I read that's why so often they are 4 stars. I saved the 5s for those few that push it past great!

I could sadly talk about this for days but I don't want to bore you. So, what are your thoughts?


  1. I seem to read a lot of 5 star books but the star rating is subjective to the reader in my opinion. Not all the books I read are 5 stars but a lot of them are just to good that I feel like I have to give them a 5.

    1. I'm not a fan of stars. I'd rather read the review then look at the stars.


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