Book Review: Catch of the Day

Misty Harbor, Maine, is awash in eligible bachelors—and as the only single gal in town, newcomer Gwen Fletcher is surrounded by potential suitors. The trouble is, she's got a restaurant to renovate, and the carpenter she's hired seems bent on avoiding her. What Gwen needs to do is convince wary Daniel Creighton she's not here to land a husband—and that it's high time he stopped pining after the one that got away.

Jilted Daniel's aversion to romance makes him the lone local guy who isn't after gorgeous Gwen. Still, lured by her renovation project, he can't resist lending a hand when she gets in over her head with a couple of overzealous admirers. Next thing he knows, small-town gossip has the two of them destined to sail off into the sunset together—and it dawns on Daniel that he's fallen for Gwen—hook, line and sinker.
This is a series that I read when it first came out 21 years ago and I remember how much I enjoyed it. When I was cleaning out my books I decided to reread this series and I'm glad I did. Right away I remembered why I loved Catch of the Day. I was also a bit shocked that it held up so well after all this time. Sometimes you read a book from twenty years ago and think about how dated it is but really it wasn't. If I hadn't known how old I might not have picked up on it right away. Sure, there are a few clues as you read the story but as a whole, it holds up. 

You'll love both Gwen and Daniel. They both deserve love and happiness. Daniel's past has made him slightly closed off towards women. Sure, he has a right to be upset but not give up on romance totally. His grumpiness is kind of sexy and you can see his good heart right away. He loves his family and it shows in the book. 

Gwen is a fun character that makes me wish I could cook like her. I spent most of the book hungry. She spends some time feeding Daniel and his grandfather. They get to taste-test her food. See, hungry.  I love her relationship with her sisters and parents. She moves away but is still very close to them. I also love how fun it is that all the single men in town trying to woo her. They come out of the woodwork what with there not being too many single ladies in town they have to work fast to romance the ones that are. 

As I've mentioned this story holds up pretty well and is still very enjoyable to read. I liked it enough that I read the next two books in the series. Both are Gwen's sisters. If you are looking for sweet, well-written small-town romances this is one you'll enjoy. 


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