ARC Review: Touched by Ice by Cynthia Eden

Cold case. Hot romance.

Aiden Warner has power, fame, and money. What he doesn’t have? Answers. His twin brother vanished when Aiden was a teen, and the mystery has haunted Aiden for years. He will do anything, pay any price, to learn the truth. Luckily for Aiden, there is one woman out there who can help him solve the mystery from his past.

She deals with the dead.

Dr. Antonia “Tony” Rossi has a reputation—she finds the dead. She’s an expert when it comes to discovering remains and identifying the deceased. Someone has to give justice for the missing, and she’s made it her life’s work to be the voice for those who can’t speak. Tony’s a loner by nature, uncomfortable with attention, and definitely not a woman who seeks the spotlight.
He thinks he can buy her. Newsflash, he can’t.

Aiden is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants now? Antonia. He figures he can pay her to do the job, and the case will be closed but…he’s wrong. About her. About himself. From the minute he meets her, Aiden is obsessed. He expected Antonia to be brilliant, but he doesn’t expect the hot surge of desire he feels for her.

Someone will kill to keep the past buried.

But now Aiden’s attention has a killer focused on Antonia, too. Someone who will not allow her to uncover any of his dark secrets. And if he has to, he will bury Antonia so deeply that no one will ever find her again.

It’s not the past that can destroy you. It’s the present.

When Antonia is threatened, Aiden realizes that nothing matters but protecting her. For years, his heart has been locked away, but she’s brought him to life again. He will not lose her. Will he fight for her? With everything he has. Would he kill to protect her? In a heartbeat.

Together, Aiden and Antonia will hunt for the murderer who has been hiding and waiting to strike again. The dead are going to speak, and Antonia will make sure she gives them justice.
As always I really love Cynthia Eden's books. They speak to me in a very comfortable read type of way. I always enjoy her heroes. They are always so hot and alpha. Not to worry her women are pretty kickass so they can handle them. 

You meet Tony in a prior book. You don't really get to know much about her but you do get enough of a glimpse that you want more. I wasn't sure what I thought of her before but her book really cleared up some of my feelings about her. I kinda felt she was a tiny bit standoffish and you get a better idea of why that is. She's close with those she cares about but not really anybody else. 

You learn that secrets play a big part in this story. I'd love to share them with you but it would give too much of the plot away. I will just say that each one really does add to the story and make you feel a better understanding of each of the characters. 

I really enjoyed Aiden and felt so bad for him with the loss of her twin brother. It bothered him so much that he lost him which as brothers it should. I could only imagine how it would be. When he shares his feeling about the loss of his brother you really see what he has gone through and can't help by feeling for him. 

As I've said secrets play a big part in the story and you'll enjoy trying to figure them all out. They really help move the story on and add to the layers. I really wish I could talk more about them but they do give things away and I want you to experience it all for yourself. I really enjoyed this one and wonder if we'll get a book with Aiden's friend Smith and I loved the quick moment with Memphis & Saint. I really enjoy them. You don't have to read this series in order but you know me I just feel you get a better understanding of the series if you do. Not to worry, it's well worth it.


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