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Bear shifter Nash Barnes is a relentless agent of justice. Sworn to his FBI SWAT team, nothing comes between him and protecting his community. Until he meets Aria. But when he discovers his fated mate is already married to another man, his distress puts his teammates’ lives at risk.

Aria Morgan is desperately unhappy. Trapped in a marriage of convenience to a mean, abusive cartel member, she’s long since given up on love. But when a handsome stranger defends her from her aggressive husband, she can’t quite convince herself to send him away.

When Nash offers to kick her husband out of her house, she’s torn. She longs to finally be free of him and explore the explosive chemistry brewing between her and the sexy agent, but taking her shot at love could cost Aria her life.

With a target on her back, there’s nothing Nash won’t do to protect his true mate.
As I mentioned when I reviewed the first book in the SWAT Shifter series I really enjoyed the premise of this series. Plus with this only being less than 200 pages the whole fated mate's theory works to help speed up the meet and fall in love. 

Sadly for Nash a bear shifter, my favorite shifter of them all, his mate is married. Since I already liked Nash from the previous book I felt so bad for him. He's such a sweet, good-natured person/bear.  My heart broke for him to find out his mate had another. 

Soon you realize that what Aria has is a mess on her hands and lucky she has a mate who is also an FBI SWAT officer to help her. 

I understand why Aria did what she did. She's a good-hearted person who is willing to help someone. Sadly the person isn't worth helping. It's no fun being trapped in trouble of your own making and that's kinda where Aria is. She can't get out of her marriage without raining trouble down on her own head but living the way she isn't good either.

You'll quickly fall for these two. You'll love the way that Nash protects her and makes her safe. I really enjoyed their romance it's sweet, hot, and loving. Right away you see that nature picked well for them. I also enjoyed the interaction between Nash and his team. These guys stick together even when they are giving each other a hard time. Their relationship is why I kept reading this series. Love these guys. If you are looking for a quick, easy-to-read shifter story with some suspense then this series is for you. 


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